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Mashreq appoints James as Head of FI and NBFI!


“KHL News Bureau
Mashreq, one of the leading financial institutions in the UAE, has recently appointed James Pearson as the Head of Financial Institutions (FI) and Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI), part of the bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Group (CIBG).
James possesses over 30 years’ experience in corporate and investment banking and has worked extensively with banks, insurers, investors and intermediaries. He joins Mashreq from Nomura, where he served as Head of Financial Institutions, Asia (ex-Japan). Prior to Nomura, James worked at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore for seven years, where he was the Global Head of Financial Institutions Industry Coverage and Global Head of Insurance Clients.
Furthermore, James has worked with various organizations including ABN AMRO / RBS and Morgan Stanley where he held several leadership positions covering the Asia-Pacific markets including roles leading the Financial Institutions sector and Investment Banking business. In his role at Mashreq, James will be responsible for devising and implementing the overall business strategy for the Financial Institutions segment working closely with Head of CIBG to deliver a broader range of products to the bank’s clients while driving other growth initiatives.
Commenting on the appointment, Joel D Van Dusen, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Group at Mashreq Bank, said: “”I am delighted to welcome James, who brings a wealth of knowledge across the global Financial Institutions sector to Mashreq. His addition to the team will also enable us to benefit from his substantial experience and relationships with Insurance, Banking and Investor clients. I am certain that his appointment will add immense value to our Financial Institutions business, and help to create solutions that are not just highly-relevant for our clients, but are also aligned with our spirit of innovation.””

James Pearson added: “”It is a privilege to take on this senior role at one of the most progressive financial organizations in the region. The banking industry is going through dramatic change and continues to transform at pace. I am very excited to work at Mashreq, who have always placed an emphasis on staying ahead of the curve and delivering the best solutions to their clients. I look forward to working with Joel and my new colleagues, as we grow our Financial Institutions business and the Mashreq franchise as a whole.””
About Mashreq
One of the UAE’s best performing banks for five decades, Mashreq is a leading financial institution with an expanding footprint across the Middle East. We have international offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US, and a strong presence in the financial capitals of the world.
As the oldest bank in the UAE, our journey can be traced back to humble beginnings in 1967, followed by periods of rapid growth and strategic expansion. Throughout our history, Mashreq has differentiated itself by pioneering new-to-market concepts and launching unique products and services.
Our innovative approach sets us truly apart. It also continues to win us numerous awards and accolades in all the fields of banking we operate in — Digital, Corporate, Retail, International, Treasury and Islamic, and across the multiple banking channels we deploy — mobile, digital, online, traditional and telephony.

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